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Team, driver and sponsor

displays and presentations

for races, Championships, special events or achievements.

Ecurie Ecosse Le Mans 1957 creative framing design
WWII SAS jeep North Africa 1942 creative framing design

All styles of picture and object framing undertaken with a flair for being creative and unconventional you will have trouble finding what we can do anywhere else.

We pride ourselves on going a little further.

Specialists in motorsport and military framed presentations.

Creating artwork that tells more of your story.

Award winning design and craftsmanship.

Gunnar CMC and advanced framer training courses.




General Framing

Carbon Fibre


We are happy to discuss any options or projects and answer any questions so please get in touch.

For a Quote or to arrange an appointment just Contact us.

One off specials or multiple framing projects.

Qualified Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer.

Conservation and Museum standard framing.

Multi Award winning frame design.


If needed we can do the basics, simple mount and frame, but we can also make more of special events for awards, displays and presentations with some creative design and advanced mount cutting.


Le Mans 2018.

We have been framing a lot of Porsches recently, here are two Le Mans entries including the class winning Pink Pig.

The two detail images show the coloured bevels, customising the framing to match the cars, being painted blue, gold or pink.

Porsche 911 RSR 'Pink Pig'
Rothmans Porsche detail.
Porsche Pink Pig detail.
Porsche 911 RSR 'Rothmans'

Durham Light Infantry. I loved doing these frames, two members of the same family, one served in the First World War and the other in the Second. The DLI badge was split between the two frames forming a complete badge when they are hung together.

DLI World War I.
DLI World War II.

Truth In 24, Le Mans 2008.

In 2008 Audi made a film, Truth In 24, recording their win at the Le Mans 24 hours. This artwork was commissioned from Alex Wakefield at Motor Art 27 to celebrate the film and the race. We framed this for a member of the team that wanted something a bit different. The main mount is four layers depicting the German flag and car colours, black, red and yellow. The Audi logo and carved lettering was added; Le Mans, Audi Sport, 2008 and Truth In 24. Around the outer edge and on three circuit outlines we added the six names of the figures in the picture, seven race statistics and fifteen quotes from the film.

Carved Audi logo, race stats and film quotes.
Close up of Mulsanne quote.
Truth In 24 Audi Sports Le Mans win 2008. Tom Kristensen Alan McNish Dindo Rinaldo


To enhanse a presentation there is a whole range of features we can include in a frame design to help get a message across, here are some typical examples. Just let us know what you need and we will create the design.
Titles and Text Boxes

These don't have to be just plain text. Custom graphics whether printed or carved can help add some history or useful detail.

Numbers, Letters & Graphics

These can take many forms, carved into or out of mount board. We can also draw onto board in any colour including silver and gold.

Carbon Fibre

We can create carbon fibre effects by wrapping mounts and frames. Letters and logos can also be produced.


Flags are great for reinforcing nationalities and locations. They can be square or waving, inlayed or surface mounted.

Badges and Logos

Whether carved, fabric, metal, plastic or printed these are almost essential.


Team, sponsor and military colours are very special to many achievements and are one of our first considerations in any design.

Models, Objects & Components

We can get very three dimensional with our designs incorporating all sorts of bits, pieces, products, components and assemblies into frames.

This is just a taste of what we can do. So if you have something in mind we are happy to discuss any options, projects or answer any questions, please get in touch.

For a Quote or to arrange an appointment just Contact us.

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